At SPORTOFKINGS, our aim was to create a golf line that was authentic and true to our brand.  Sure we golf, but don't necessarily want to dress  "like a golfer." While we respect the game and its legends, our style is a bit more rough around the edges. We're a lot like a dirty martini, classy and respectful but just dirty enough to make it interesting.  Allowed through the front door, but likely ushered out the back. 

Our love and passion for golf runs deep, just as it does for surfing.  That feeling of a pure strike of the ball is addicting just like your first good tube ride, leaving you yearning for more.  One of the beauties of golf is you might have a series of bad holes followed by that one hole that comes together from tip to pin that keeps you hooked.  It's a frustrating game...but Fuck, we love it!!

Here's a look behind the story that reveals the inspiration behind our logo and design features, consistently present throughout our golf collection. 

Growing up in HB as latch key kids had its benefits.  The beach was our sitter and a damned good one at that.  But it usually blows out in the afternoons around here so we would have to find other means of entertainment.  Luckily, we had "Driftwood", a 3-par course right across from the beach that weaved through a trailer park.  As grom's we would play there for hours only wearing boardie's and flip flops.  Most traditional rules were out the window.  We would take strokes off for bank shots off trailer roofs and walls.  No harm, no foul. So this is for all the players out there that love and respect the game but enjoy playing outside the rules on occasion. 



 "Monday Members" was the name that our misfit crew gave ourselves.  As you know most country clubs are closed on Monday's. That's when we would sneak on and play as many holes as possible before being kicked off.  A nod to all the players out there that were from the wrong side of the tracks, or at least had one foot over.  "Cheers" to all your misfit lads!




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