About Our Fleece

About Our Fleece

About Our Fleece


Sport of Kings takes pride in the quality and craft of the fleece we use. Our fleece is made right in Los Angeles. With so many brands sourcing materials overseas, we believe it is important to source and produce quality materials right here in the United States.

Each piece we create has a custom tailored Sport of Kings fit. Nothing about it is "stock". We handcraft every detail from cut, to dye, to our premium custom garment wash treatment. The custom garment wash creates a personalized and beautiful worn-in look. The artwork and graphics we use are hand designed, with limited edition collections. Each piece is ensured to be butter-soft; so soft you might not ever want to take it off. At Sport of Kings, comfort and fashion go hand in hand. We do not sacrifice one for the other, because to us they are equally important. 

Throw on a fleece as you sip your first cup of coffee in the morning, checking the surf, or on your way to yoga. We won't judge you if you find yourself falling asleep on the couch with it on either. But, one thing we do need to warn you on... we've had multiple customers come back and tell us their significant other stole their fleece and won't gave it back. It's just that comfortable.

Sport of Kings — Designed to provide comfort along the journey.

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    GIgiDuJour: May 07, 2020

    I found your new location right after you moved in to your new space. I’m hooked on the fleece … just bought my third piece. Just don’t want to put anything on when I’m headed to yoga in Nor Cal. I’ll see you again soon SOKFY!

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