Meet our newest ambassador Griffin Foy, 17, one of Huntington Beach's top surfers. 

"There might have been one day when I didn't surf but then I'd make up for it by going out the next night," Foy said. "The pier lights are super bright so you can surf all night long if you want. I'd go out at 9 or 10 o'clock at night and surf a few hours with some of my friends."

Griffin moved to Huntington Beach at the age of 12 with his family. Before he became a surf junkie, he was a skate rat, skating all the time. Currently at the age of 17, he has already traveled the world; surfing and competing internationally. His favorite destination is Australia, where he claims to have scored some of the best waves he's ever ridden. We figured with all that traveling he must have a lengthy playlist or two going. When asked about his choice in music, he says that he loves everything; ranging from rap to punk. His current obsession is Xavier Wolf. 


Griffin Foy Drift Car

Griffin with his Drift Car. He rebuilt the engine himself.

We asked Griffin what his best memory in surfing is so far in his surf career, he responds "landing my first and only rodeo flip". With all the time he logs in the water, we're sure he is bound to perfect this maneuver and challenge himself to more tricks. If he isn't surfing you can find him swapping motors in driveway.
This year, he plans to make some sick edits and build a drift car. A man of simple pleasures.

His favorite surfer is Ozzie Wright, "he's purdy sick".


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