Casey Bauer Wheat - Founder SPORTOFKINGS

Casey Bauer Wheat - Founder SPORTOFKINGS


As we embark on a new year, one without our brother Casey Bauer Wheat, we will carry forward the legacy of authenticity, passion and love that he left behind.  We can honestly say that it still hasn't sunk in.  We expect any minute for him to walk in the door with his contagious smile, boyish charm, enthusiasm for life and new pair of vibrantly colored kicks.  He would be excited about the winter swell and you can bet he'd be bugging out to catch a few good waves. It's still hard to process at times that we're here fulfilling his dream without him but what we do know for that he is always here with us in spirit and love, pushing and keeping us focused on the dream.  He is in everything we do.  He's left us with a lifetime of inspiration and a light that will never be extinguished. Although Casey will always be seen in any of the designs we do, we've produced several tribute pieces, each one carrying a special meaning and inspired by who he was in life. 



 The "Peacock Logo" is a tribute icon inspired by Casey's personal style and steeze with the confidence in display of color and natural bravado.  The peacock is believed to be the manifestation of the celestial phoenix on earth and it’s “thousand eyes” on the tail promote fame and good luck and enhance ones protection and awareness.  We feel this is the perfect tribute and mascot to carry with us in fulfilling Casey’s legacy and dreams.  The details of the design include the bucket hat, which was his go to lid when hanging on the beach in-between surfs and the tattoo was his signature piece way before leg tattoos were a thing. This logo will run through the line from now till the end of time representing his love, passion and individuality. We hope this icon inspires you to embrace your individual style and not give a fuck what others think. We know his creativity and inspiration will live with us forever.


 Finding ways to honor our brother and friend has given way to several interpretations of his life through art.   His love for fashion, flair, color and style but most of all his love for surfing and travel are all part of his story.  We hope you'll find a piece of art in these tribute pieces that ring true to who Casey Wheat was and meant to you.




The "World Tour" tribute is inspired by Casey's endless miles traveled around the world to discover new waves and experience new cultures. We hope this tee inspires you to get out and explore the beautiful world we live in.




The "Gone Surfing" tribute yoke tee is inspired by Casey's love for the yoke tee fit. This tee has a slightly longer body and sleeves. Around here we like to think he's just gone surfing and will be back when it blows out. We hope this tee will inspire you to get out and do what you love.





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  • Author image
    Linda Siegel: March 16, 2022

    I miss having Casey around but I know he is with grandma (my aunt) Nell and my mom (his great aunt) and will never be alone.
    Blessings to Steve and Bonita
    Luv u both

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    jerry anderson: March 17, 2021

    What is the significance of No. 5? I love your shirts. Great company.

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