Steve Wheat: It Started in the 50's


Heidi herold

Heidi herold said:

I’m heidi Steve would love to be your friend met you w Casey you boys were beautiful together he told me you were besties I will always honor him when I swim I wear his shirt when kyak I have one in his honor when I paddle I have a board in his honor he excepted my crazy 😜 ass as long as I walk this earth 🌍 I will tell people who he was as well as my uncle and dad that’s how much your beautiful boy meant to me if you ever need me for anything please call upon me heidi Annette herold 562)301-6903 Thankyou for such a beautiful man you created!❤️I call him my ANGEL 😇 IN THE WAVES 🌊

Sandy Lovoy

Sandy Lovoy said:


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