A collection of storytelling, videos, and images celebrating the journey of unique individuals navigating this thing called life and the pursuit of happiness. As well as those that find their Zen with the majestic act of riding waves and embracing the brotherhood of surfing, past, present and future.

Our Values

Our Values

Our Kings/Queens Crown logo is comprised of 5 Pillars, each representing a value, our values as a company.

HERITAGE - Never Forget Where You Came From. 

LEGACY - What Are We Going To Leave Behind. 

COMMUNITY – Whether You Are Fighting Addiction, Cancer, PTSD, Grief & Loss Or Overwhelming Adversity, We Believe In The Love & Uplifting Power That Real Human Connections & Community Provide.  

VICTORY - Rock Bottom Created More Champions Than Privilege Ever Did. Before You Learn To Win, You Gotta Handle Defeat.  Don't Judge, Give 100% and Never Give Up! 

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - The Ultimate Journey.


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